Strategic and operational marketing consulting for destinations and the travel, hospitality & entertainment industries

Mission: build and implement the best marketing and organisational strategies and consequently attract more and better visitors, talents, investments, clients and public opinion sympathy by growing competitive identity in tourism, culture, business and governance

Attractivity is not only a destination’s most precious, intangible asset for attracting leisure or business visitors, talents, investments, clients, ideas and public opinion sympathy, but the most complex and fragile as well. Growing competitive identity in tourism, culture, business and governance by an adequate strategy feeding the imagination of industry decision makers, consumers and opinion leaders with true and usefull facts, powerful concepts, meaningful stories and emotions is the key to building a destination’s attractivity. Skillful storytelling and subtle PR, proactive marketing partnerhips and sales development initiatives, in addition to intuition, boldness, agility and humor are the weapons of choice for any marketer. This is the driving spirit behind ATTRACT in its Place Marketing and consulting services.

Logo Attract PR

 A glance at ATTRACT’s logo

The spirit of the agency born early 2013 is symbolized by a simple horseshoe-magnet, also recognized as a good-luck charm. ATTRACT offers best practices in consulting, marketing, PR, influence and storytelling, to attract – much like a magnet – incremental business to its clients. The magnet’s curved shape and its north/south magnetic poles underline the intrinsically international aspect of ATTRACT. Doubling as a compass, the image of the magnet also evokes the agency’s ability to skillfully pilot the attractivity of clients’ ATTRACTions. The T represents Tourism, Territories, Travel…