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MAPST (Macedonia Agency of Promotion and Support of Tourism) promotion investments in France that started June 2014 through ATTRACT show their first effects in 2015 figures which present the highest increase rates in arrivals, overnights and length of stay of all major outbound continental European markets & UK +41,4% French arrivals 2015 vs 2014 +47,5% […]
The “British Virgin Island Tourist Board and Film Commission” announced mid-May 2015 the appointment of Attract as its official marketing & PR representative in Paris to promote the archipelago in France and Monaco as a world class holiday destination.   The BVI is an understated destination that offers independent-minded travelers natural beauty, unpretentious attitudes and […]
5 questions to Philippe Mugnier at “Macedonia Economic Summit” – Nov. 20th 2015 Philippe Mugnier, when you say “Macedonia” in France right now, what type of association does it bring up regarding tourism?   French citizen would spontaneously associate the word “Macedonia” with a creamy and vegetable salad they had all eaten at school canteen […]
« Macedonia Agency for Promotion & Support of Tourism » MAPST appoints from May 2014 ATTRACT as its permanent PR & Marketing representative for launching the destination in the French market place. Priority will be given to build the brand and notoriety of this emerging destination through proactive PR activities mixed with digital consumer marketing programs that […]
Emirati-owned and managed tourism investment and advisory makes first foray into French-speaking countries Taking its first step towards global expansion, the Abu Dhabi-based and Emirati-owned and managed boutique tourism industry advisory firm, Samaya International, has opened its first international office in Paris, France. “Demand for support in investment in European hospitality brands from our local […]
Since 1951 PATA has led from the front as the leading voice and authority on travel and tourism in the Asia Pacific region  In partnership with private and public sector members, PATA enhances the sustainable growth, value and quality of travel and tourism to-from-and-within, the region. The Association provides leadership and counsel on an individual […]