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ATTRACT News Attractiveness of a destination is built as much by the enhancement of its spaces as by its history. Through an evocative, creative and skilful #(hi)storytelling, ATTRACT supports tourism institutions and companies in revealing to holidaymakers and inhabitants the hidden riches of the intangible heritage of territories and destinations. ! Under the #Quedhistoires! collection, […]
The British Virgin Islands (BVI) join the nice list of new destinations (North Macedonia, Madhya Pradesh, Abu Dhabi, Taiwan…) that ATTRACT’s founder Philippe Mugnier-Eté had the immense pleasure and honor launching in French speaking European markets. The BVI clearly count among the most extraordinary and exciting, and also the most promising ones. After having served the […]
ATTRACT is happy and proud with a new partnership that starts with the ESCAET, French reference business school specialized tourism & hospitality. This April 9th 2021, ATTRACT’s founder Philippe Mugnier-Eté presented in Aix-en-Provence his Master Class to a physical and on-line audience of MBA “International Travel Management” students. A full program dedicated to the new […]
At the invitation of Swisscontact and NAITM  (National Association for Incoming Tourism of Macedonia), Philippe Mugnier, CEO of ATTRACT, spoke at the 3rd NAITM Market Place in Skopje,  on 5 and 6 December 2018. It was to a wide audience of incoming operators of the country that the characteristics of the French outgoing travel market were presented […]
ATTRACT has been supporting the emergence of new Indian destinations in European markets and consolidating the subcontinent in its link with the travel industry of France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Spain On November 9, 2017, a first launching workshop of the State of Madhya Pradesh organized in Paris was the prelude to a very offensive […]
MAPST (Macedonia Agency of Promotion and Support of Tourism) promotion investments in France that started June 2014 through ATTRACT show their first effects in 2015 figures which present the highest increase rates in arrivals, overnights and length of stay of all major outbound continental European markets & UK +41,4% French arrivals 2015 vs 2014 +47,5% […]