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Macedonia is preparing itself to conquer French and European markets

15 December 2018 | Team Attract | News

At the invitation of Swisscontact and NAITM  (National Association for Incoming Tourism of Macedonia), Philippe Mugnier, CEO of ATTRACT, spoke at the 3rd NAITM Market Place in Skopje,  on 5 and 6 December 2018. It was to a wide audience of incoming operators of the country that the characteristics of the French outgoing travel market were presented as well as a complete diagnosis of the destination Macedonia with regard to its competitive environment in France. To reinvigorate this emerging destination in this relatively new French market, the main guidelines of marketing strategy to be deployed for the country with a set of tips for “doing business” with French tourism stakeholders have been presented. Various segments may be considered: city breaks, fly-and-drive stays, bus tours, but also on specific niches (skiing, hiking, memory tourism …). Destination Macedonia indcoming industry thus equips itself with the tools enabling it to assert itself as an emerging destination in 2019 on the French and other European markets.