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MACEDONIA now represented in French speaking Europe by ATTRACT

3 March 2015 | Team Attract | News

« Macedonia Agency for Promotion & Support of Tourism » MAPST appoints from May 2014 ATTRACT as its permanent PR & Marketing representative for launching the destination in the French market place. Priority will be given to build the brand and notoriety of this emerging destination through proactive PR activities mixed with digital consumer marketing programs that would rapidly enable growing French number of visitors. No doubt about the high potential of the destination for seducing the French upper-middle class 35-50’s DINKS from the Paris area in search for full week or 4 days short haul “fly and drive” undiscovered destinations.  Wizz Air low cost direct flights recently opened between Paris and capital city Skopje count among key arguments for moving the French market.

village trpejca - CopieIn the heart of South East Europe is situated one of the last European undiscovered tourist destinations – Republic of Macedonia, a country of nature, the cradle of culture, a crossroads of civilizations. Macedonia represents a geographical connection between Central Europe, Mediterranean and Eastern Europe. Ancient lakes and rapid rivers follow the life that moves with a different rhythm between magnificent historical remains and idyllic villages. Climatic conditions have different characteristics from the typical Mediterranean to Continental, which provides conditions for development of different types of tourism. Macedonia’s tourist product is a rich combination of cultural and natural heritage, which is characterized by a wealth of lakes, mountains and relative peace rarely found in the world in the 21st Century. Turbulent historical events in the Republic of Macedonia in prehistoric, classical and Roman period, as in the Middle Ages and the new period left traces both in spiritual and cultural heritage. Three natural lakes in the Republic of Macedonia covering 665km² area, have clear water with temperatures reaching 25 º C and with more than 40 km beaches with numerous hotels and other accommodation facilities. Near these lakes, as well as throughout the country there are places with untouched nature, places that offer a lot of opportunity. Opportunities, that need to be consumed by the sound of wind, the birds crickets, places where you can try organic food specialties and traditional Macedonian cuisine and at the same time to meet with Macedonian traditional customs that are still nurtured and witnessed centuries of existence. The natural beauty of the Republic of Macedonia welcomes people with its attractive locations which allow each visitor to discover Macedonia in its own way: research caving, hiking, biking, horse riding, paragliding, canoeing, kayaking, sailing, mountain biking, swimming, fishing, skiing, rock climbing …With more than 60 thermo mineral springs, whose temperature reaches 75 º C, Macedonia has excellent prerequisites for the construction of spa centers, especially in Kocani and Stip.   The mountain slopes allow for development of winter tourism. Macedonia is also a land of grapes and wine. Vintage represents a continuation of a long tradition. Numerous varieties of grapes used by the famous Macedonian wineries, traditional food and accommodation that offer some of the wineries are really excellent tourist attraction. Republic of Macedonia abounds in monuments of which is unique, and among them is the megalithic observatory Kokino, ranged on the fourth place on the NASA’s list of the oldest observatory in the world.

Macedonia is the bride of mythology! It opens its vaults for anyone who wants to look.


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