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Philippe Mugnier announces the launch of ATTRACT

3 January 2013 | Team Attract | News

Created in Paris January, 2013, the goal of ATTRACT is to “provide a global platform for innovative management of the touristic attractivity of destinations and tourism industries,” according to President and Founder, Philippe Mugnier.

The mission of ATTRACT is to guide destinations, in addition to the public and private sectors of international tourism, in their global BtoB, BtoC and PR marketing strategies. ATTRACT will accomplish this by combining innovative marketing and communication to define an original offer that includes PR, digital marketing, event and trade marketing, advertising and other promotional efforts. “Touristic attractivity is not only a destination’s most precious, intangible asset, but the most complex and fragile as well. Feeding the imagination of consumers and opinion leaders with powerful concepts, meaningful stories and emotions is the key to building a destination’s touristic attractivity. Skillful storytelling and subtle PR, in addition to intuition, boldness, agility and humor are the weapons of choice for any marketer. This is the driving spirit behind ATTRACT”, continues Mugnier.

ATTRACT will soon be presenting several new concepts including one designed to accompany and coordinate the marketing and PR efforts of French destinations and tourism industries worldwide, specifically in emerging markets. ATTRACT is built on a solid foundation of a global network of agencies capable of boosting the international attractivity of France.

ATTRACT’s corporate development strategy includes external growth through the acquisition and management of specialized agencies in France and internationally. The goal is to build an integrated international group, the first of its kind in the field of attractivity management.  In order to succeed, ATTRACT will rely upon the expertise of financial and legal specialist, Patrick Verlynde.