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ATTRACT: the revealer and incubator of the BVI in French speaking Europe

19 April 2021 | Team Attract | News

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) join the nice list of new destinations (North Macedonia, Madhya Pradesh, Abu Dhabi, Taiwan…) that ATTRACT’s founder Philippe Mugnier-Eté had the immense pleasure and honor launching in French speaking European markets. The BVI clearly count among the most extraordinary and exciting, and also the most promising ones. After having served the destination with passion six years long – in the good as well as the hardest times – ATTRACT now wishes the BVI all success with their new representative in France for a new cycle in their development. Many thanks to the British Virgin Islands Tourist Board (BVITB) and to all our partners from the travel industry and media for so many beautiful moments shared and the great achievements we can be proud of as a team. In just a few years, the BVI have succeeded in asserting themselves toward industry professionals and opinion leaders, winning the hearts of the French, Swiss, Monegasques, Luxembourgish and Belgians holiday makers. On these bases, a new post-Covid success story can happen!

“Dear Philippe, it was my absolute pleasure introducing you to our beloved BVI. You and your team in France brought name recognition and cache to our islands and we saw an increase in French guests to our shores….something we could not have achieved without you. We were privileged to have you represent British Virgin Islands and you did so with reverence, respect and innovation. Thank you from the bottom of my heart” –

Sharon Flax-Brutus – BVI Director of Tourism (2013-2020)