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+41,4% growth 2015 vs 2014 : Macedonia success story on its way in France!

29 April 2016 | Team Attract | News

MAPST (Macedonia Agency of Promotion and Support of Tourism) promotion investments in France that started June 2014 through ATTRACT show their first effects in 2015 figures which present the highest increase rates in arrivals, overnights and length of stay of all major outbound continental European markets & UK

  • +41,4% French arrivals 2015 vs 2014
  • +47,5% French overnights 2015 vs 2014

Although France counted only for  1,57% of international arrivals to Macedonia (was 1,26% in 2014), with 5,563 extra overnights of French tourists gained for the destination Macedonia in 2015 in comparison with 2014, France counted last year for 4,88% of the new overnights gained by the destination from all  international markets.

May this 5563 extra overnights gained in 2015 vs 2014  generate a minimum of 90€ per day of spendings in the country, it is much over 500,000€ extra expenses by the French travelers that MAPST 2014/2015 promotion efforts helped to gain for the country all 2015 long, not to mention MAPST promotion investments in 2014/2015 that will have additional effects in 2016…


Proactive and creative BtoB, digital & PR activities implemented all 2014 and 2015 long by Attract allowed :

  • building notoriety and image of this new destination with over 60 reportages gained in French media with a cumulated audience of over 40 millions people for an advertising value equivalency of over 1,500,000€
  • convincing 10 new TO that now feature the destination in their print and web brochures
  • enriching and dynamising through a content strategy the presence of the destination on the French web and social networks

As an average – 1 € invested in promoting the destination in France 2014-2015  already allowed the country gaining minimum 6 € as extra economic impact of new arrivals in 2015