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“Que d’histoires!”, a brand for inspiring destination #(hi)storytelling

19 April 2021 | Team Attract | News Attractiveness of a destination is built as much by the enhancement of its spaces as by its history. Through an evocative, creative and skilful #(hi)storytelling, ATTRACT supports tourism institutions and companies in revealing to holidaymakers and inhabitants the hidden riches of the intangible heritage of territories and destinations. ! Under the #Quedhistoires! collection, […]
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ATTRACT: the revealer and incubator of the BVI in French speaking Europe

| Team Attract | News
The British Virgin Islands (BVI) join the nice list of new destinations (North Macedonia, Madhya Pradesh, Abu Dhabi, Taiwan…) that ATTRACT’s founder Philippe Mugnier-Eté had the immense pleasure and honor launching in French speaking European markets. The BVI clearly count among the most extraordinary and exciting, and also the most promising ones. After having served the […]
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